Hang Around: The Inkwell's Fifth Anniversary

2nd September 2016


Five years ago, Paul Lowman decided that York needed him. He set up the fantastic Inkwell on Gillygate – an old-fashioned record store, inspired by Dylan’s famous lyrics “get ill, get well, hang around an Inkwell…"

Since then it has become one of the go to places for Paul’s expertise on pop culture, vinyl and a pop-up venue for lo-fi concerts and DJ sets. He has done the impossible and created a hub.

Now, as it approaches its fifth birthday, we take a look at our top five things about one of our favourite shops.

1. Their Local Music Section

Paul Lowman has always championed the local music scene and has the best collection of their work in town. You can get everything from cassettes, small releases and zines and Paul has always shown them love and attention and listened to them, ready to recommend them to his faithful customers.

2. Their Record Store Day Parties

Truly staggering, the amount of people you can cram into a small shop, as The Inkwell attracts acts and customers old and new from miles around to listen, buy and revel in the vinyl explosion that once dominated The Inkwell’s home street of Gillygate and os now back with a vengeance as vinyl fanatics gather to find the newest and rarest waxy treats.

3. Their resident DJ sets

A resident DJ can truly marshall the spirit of a musical evening, and The Inkwell have had some corkers in the past five years. The ace record shop encourages local residents, artists, bands and customers with interesting record collections to come and hang out and have fun playing music they’re passionate about.

4. Their EP Launches

Many now well-established York bands (Worm, The Black Lagoons, Junk) have had their EP launch at The Inkwell) to share their music, their inspirations as well as completely and totally rock people’s socks off.

5. Halloween

They have had some pretty awesome Halloween get-togethers: The Federals raised the roof last year, while in previous years they’ve had equally rousing bands and costumes filling the shop with B-movie projections and monster punch in a terrifying haunted house.

For their next big event, don’t miss out. Inkwell’s Birthday party is on 17 Sept and they have invited Orlando Ferguson & Soma Crew to provide an afternoon of “wiggy electronic drones and nod-out Spiritualized-style motorik psychedelic rock”. DJs all afternoon, live music from 3ish. Free show, all welcome.

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The Inkwell
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