Hakuna Matata (for the Rest of your Hols): York Maze

27th August 2019


Never doubt the ambition of a three year old. Not least when faced with York Maze’s 4 metre high, 360 degree ‘Volcorno’. The only one of its kind no less. A point to the apex and suddenly the aged old ‘just how am I going to get her to the top of that?’ problem was mine to solve. But the tunnel slide down is worth scaling the smooth walls, with hand grips assisting any Dad-with-toddler-in-tow as my older two whizzed past. It might have taken the full three minutes to climb, but I doubt Ran Fiennes managed Everest with a semi-cooperative toddler. Don’t worry reader, I’ve tweeted him my tips.


Unfortunately the view from the Volcorno doesn’t give you an insight into the Maze itself. If, however, at this stage of the summer holidays you have Simba burnt on to your retinas that should, as the Lion King provides the theme carved into corn for the main attraction.

But it is the sheer scale of the York Maze site that makes it the proper classic summer holiday destination. You could, not that you should, avoid the main maze entirely and not feel short changed with the Crowmania 2 tractor ride, the House of Cornfusion, and four other mazes all vying for ‘what’s next?’.


New for 2019 is the smaller scale, ‘Jurassic Maze’ populated with raptors just beside the ‘Corn on the Club’ crazy golf. As is the brand new ‘Utter Cornage’ hand crank water pump where you could mercilessly soak your older offspring in an act of over-competitive enthusiasm, for example. It’s still sunny, they’ll be fine. Perhaps bring a spare set of clothes.

We are in the last days of summer. Normal life is threatening with talk of school shoes, uniform shopping and retrieving crumbled homework from the bottom of bags. But it can wait, at least for a little, with a final escape to the Maze.

York Maze is open until 2 September - to book tickets, click below.

York Maze
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