Gig Review: Katie Lou McCabe

By Bethany Copeland | 9th June 2014

Katie Lou McCabe by Esme Mai

Katie Lou McCabe by Esme Mai

My experience as an intruder of Katie McCabe’s event may well have been different to the experience of those who received a handwritten invitation.

All I knew before attending the gig was that I needed to be at the little blue bridge by the river Ouse at 7.30pm, and that it would be more comfortable if I was short, which luckily I am. After a quick Googlemap check for blue bridges, I confirmed the one I needed to get to and headed towards it.

The sense of going into the unknown was exciting, if not a little reckless.

I later found out that all invitees had received a letter telling them to be especially kind to the world that day, not to eat meat, and not to wear tights. I am ashamed to say that I unknowingly broke at least the latter two rules.

When we arrived at the mystery location, we were asked to remove our socks and shoes. As I was wearing tights, I was told to keep my shoes on. Our guide tapped a wind chime, and we were allowed to enter. I went first.

I needed to crawl though a fairy-style tunnel and could see moss and soil on the ground. If I had bare feet, as I was supposed to, I would have felt these natural textures against my skin and would have been more in tune with the natural world. I felt bits of leather and woolly felt brush against my head as I crawled over a tree stump to enter a little clearing. Calming music was playing all the while, and it felt like I had entered some beautiful, supernatural world.

We all gathered in this clearing, sitting on cushions to face a projection screen. We could see the silhouette of Katie, but she was behind the screen. As she sang, beautiful images were projected onto the screen, allowing us to get lost in the lyrics and the atmosphere. As Kate’s last song was about problems with vanity, it was particularly fitting that she chose to hide herself to promote her music.

Katie’s voice is raw, almost like Florence Welch’s, but the styles of songs she sings are more relaxing and intriguing. In one song, she used some discordant notes to create an eerie yet enchanting melody. Her voice is very powerful and her songs are very professional. I was amazed to discover that she is still at college.

When the gig was over, Katie came to greet all attendees, and was very welcoming to me, even though I was an intruder. She gave me a business stone, which was hand-painted with her details penned on. After the mystical experience, it almost felt like it would disappear by morning.

Katie McCabe is original and professional, creates beautiful music and has the potential to go far. I was impressed by how much originality she had infused into every little detail of the night.

Follow the link below to hear some of Katie’s music.

Katie Lou McCabe on Soundcloud
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