Game Boys: Downgrade Arcade

6th March 2017

Downgrade Arcade returns to Netscape Navigator, AOL and all other browsers with season 2 of their (arguably) highly successful YouTube series.

With humble beginnings in York toward the end of 2015, the Downgrade boys have endured heartbreak, dissentry and other flood related maladies, which has taken its toll on the channel’s sustainability. Now, back with a vengeance, a room filled with utter nonsense, and a well-threaded man in a big coat and a sweet hat, Team DG are set to take the world of retro-tech heckling by storm.

Episode 1 features a savage tear-down of Sega’s swansong-but-one console, the Saturn: its depressing conception, its depressing lack of games and its depressingly high volume of third-party peripherals. Along with this, they bring their own brand of Saturday morning throwback trash TV, with AV Knightmares: an (arguably) faithful recreation of the hit ITV series of the same name. Things heat up when local bargain hunter, wealthy eccentric and shed owner Keith Maoam comes out of hibernation to flog his goods on the show’s very own shopping segment.



Episode 1 acts as a pilot and sets the tone for things to come. The Downgrade Crew (Dave and Michael) will be taking lucky viewers on an adventure through time - and Yorkshire - visiting game fairs, independent businesses and challenging one another increasingly vague competitions of wit, endurance and incompetence.

Basing themselves in (arguably) York’s Best Free-to-visit Museum, Sore Thumb Retro Games, Dave and Michael have a near-limitless arsenal of the weird and wonderful to show on the channel, bringing everything from childhood favourites, to obscure mind-control devices built by Nintendo, kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

You (arguably) might as well watch it.

Downgrade Arcade
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