For The Love of Vinyl: Heart of Wax

30th March 2016

Phil Waines of Heart of Wax

Phil Waines of Heart of Wax

Phil Waines runs Heart of Wax, a vibrant record stall on Shambles Market. He tells One&Other Creative readers in his own words all about vinyl.

You’ve made your way to my stall. Perhaps you were just passing through the Shambles Market and became intrigued with the music that was playing from my turntable? Perhaps you saw a small group of music lovers rifling through my box of LPs I have on offer? Perhaps you may have sought me out specifically to find a unique cult or classic vinyl you might just stumble upon? Look, it’s not uncommon. I’m very new. And if you’re reading this you like buying vinyl too.

I’ve only been trading since the summer. As a lad from York who is a huge music aficionado, what better way is there to turn people on to new stuff and forgotten treasures than being bang in the centre of town for all to come visit. If you’re into that type of thing of course. Which, let’s face it, you should be by now.

Vinyl records are the only way to listen to music. There’s the vintage charm. The sound quality. The artwork. Oh, the artwork! The urgent desire to pick up Bob Dylan’s Blood On The Tracks just because of Tangled Up In Blue, even though you own it on CD or as a download. You know you have to have it in it’s truest format. In your life. Right now. Surely this Christmas time you want to share that pleasure in buying for someone else as a gift? Right? After all everyone’s got one million DVDs piled up, never mind a Netflix account. And CDs are now an add-on incentive when you arrive at the supermarket checkout.

Is it that hard to put your trust and judgment into buying a vinyl for that special someone? You know what they like by now; the standard song they sing at a karaoke wedding disco. Their guilty pleasure they only listen to in their car driving to work. The reason they named their daughter Billie-Jean… you know them better than you think they do.

I’m going to be honest with you now, my top albums - which fly out as soon as I get them in - aren’t that obscure. They are pretty well known. I can’t get them in quick enough. They are:

    * Blondie - Parallel Lines
    * Fleetwood Mac - Rumours
    * Neil Young - Harvest
    * Michael Jackson - Thriller
    * Bruce Springsteen - Born In The U.S.A

You’ll have to agree there is something for everyone in that little list there. And if you’re not buying them, someone else will. And will get to have the best New Year’s sing-a-long party’s ever. York is a cool city, there’s so much going on. And you’re part of it. Why not embrace it? And what better way is their to impress your loved ones this Christmas than by buying a vinyl that has your stamp of approval all over it. They’ll love you forever - well until they pick up a record player of their own, that is…

Heart of Wax - Vinyl has a regular stall on the Shambles Market in York. Phil stands five days a week, Friday - Tuesday from 9am - 5pm.

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