Fashion Visual York: Sam Dennis x Jo Roberts

By Aliz Tennant | 13th April 2015

Jo Roberts and Sam Dennis in front of their exhibition © Joe Dodsworth

Jo Roberts and Sam Dennis in front of their exhibition © Joe Dodsworth

Past the expected and the obvious of Friday night venues and up the staircase, a venture to The Attic this weekend saw a fusion of fashion and flavourings, as Fashion City York held a pop-up art exhibition at the café and gin house.

As part of Fashion City York (FCY)’s weekend exhibitions and events the collective teamed up with local photographers and fashion designers, bringing fashion, photography and graphic design students together to work along side industry professionals. Quite simply given the brief to “create something about fashion” York College students took their heads out of their course books and into creative mode to create an exhibition of innovative collections.

The night saw photographer Sam Dennis and fashion designer Jo Roberts named as the winners for their experimental projection project. Collaborating with contemporary clothing designers Harper and Carr, the Fashion Visual York exhibition brought together the perfectly matched aesthetics that photography and fashion share.

Describing Jo’s final year collection as a portrayal of how natural disasters are both “beautiful but devastating”, Sam explained how the concept was a time-tight experimental process. Jo, a final year BA Fashion student at York College is currently working on her final collection ‘As the World Falls Down’, looking at natural disasters, with the aim of raising awareness of the increasing events and raise money for charity Tearfund. With the collection not yet complete the pair projected prints she’d developed onto toiles, projecting what her final collection could and would look like.

Sam, who is currently studying A-level photography at York College with the hopes of furthering his career at Leeds College of Art admitted to us that the process was new to him, allowing him to expand the breadth of his work whilst also dipping his toe into the world of fashion photography, an area he’s keen to pursue. With a belief that photography is the tool that quite literally takes ‘a snapshot’ of life, this new project may be outside of Sam’s more practiced spectrum of unposed photography but continues to portray his growing portfolio of talent.

Jo will continue developing her collection, creating six pieces that she hopes to then sell. The profits will be donated to Tearfund, a Christian charity passionate about ending poverty, and helping people prepare for, withstand and recover from disasters.

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