EXCLUSIVE: Avant-Garde Immersion - Hwyl Nofio at The Art Market

2nd September 2016


We are very excited to announce that as part of this year’s Art Market (30 Sept – 2 Oct) One&Other Creative have recruited avant-garde musician Hwyl Nofio to create an immersive installation piece exclusively for the event.

Hwyl Nofio have long fascinated us. Their elusive melancholy and abstraction has always cried out for visuals. Their conceptual, immersive, often aching sound should be listened to alone, in darkness; when we heard they were going into installation art, we were keen to bring them to York.

The Beholder’s Share is a play on perception; seeing that every work is incomplete without the interpretation of the observer and meaning can’t be pigeonholed, only interrelated to our own experience or understanding.

What makes a great song, a great work of art, so personal? It is observed that all art is an inherently pleasurable and instructive attempt by the artist and beholder to communicate and share with each other the creative process that characterises every human brain: a process that leads to a sudden recognition that we have seen into another person’s mind and allows us to see the truth underlying both the beauty and the violence depicted in the work. Sound is a language all of its own and can move us to the heights or depths of emotion. “A creative work is only completed when the beholder embraces the work. Perceive then as your own…”

“We derive knowledge and understanding to inform but ultimately the objective is to liberate creative intuition. Fundamentally I must consider technique, but in an unconscious way – I don’t get hung up on technicality or skill – I try to make music in an instinctive way” – Steve Parry


Hwyl Nofio is a group that defies simple classification. Variously described as experimental, avant-garde, ambient, contemporary classical, free improvisation, the enigmatic collective specialises in music that blurs the boundaries which usually define genres.

Hwyl Nofio (the name translates from welsh roughly as ‘emotional swimmers’) came about in 1997. They are an evolving ensemble, based around their originator Steve Parry. Parry explores and exploits an ongoing collision between harmony and disharmony. Largely built around abstract guitar patterns, the music shifts between drone, embryonic melody and crackling elemental noise, replacing rock’s normal linear dynamic with a series of fractured dialogues in which disfigured musical elements collide and merge with abstract blocks of sound.

The Beholder’s Share will be playing all weekend in a specialist soundscape room at The Art Market this year from 30 Sept – 2 Oct. Tickets available by clicking below.

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