Everwitch Theatre : Bomb Happy

22nd September 2017

Photo Credit: Michael J Oakes

"I haven’t seen anybody dead before and we’re in the water wading to the shore and we’re literally brushing against…. bodies rolling in the surf - people that we know… eighteen, nineteen year olds –they’re people that we know!"

Bomb Happy, written by Helena Fox and presented by Everwitch Theatre, brings to life the verbatim first-hand accounts of the five remaining York Normandy Veterans, who as young conscripts- ordinary lads from York, Leeds, Sheffield and London- find themselves part of the D-Day invasion.

Told in two timescales, through the eyes of the five young soldiers themselves and through the eyes of ‘Queenie’ -a present day Normandy Veteran’s wife, the play allows us to see each young soldier’s unique story as well as highlighting the lifelong impact of the events of that iconic day on these incredible men. Evocatively built from their verbatim testimonies, and using projected images of the real life men behind the words, the play immerses you with surging immediacy into their journey.

“The noise was horrific….we used to say we were ‘bomb happy’. After several months of constant shelling we used to get- it’s not shell-shock, but we used to say we were ‘bomb happy’. And I can just feel that starting in myself…”

Theatrically simple, entertaining, informative and powerful, Bomb Happy will appeal to both specialist and general audiences alike.

Audience written feedback (rehearsed readings)

“Evocative and involving-superb!”… “Immersive and engaging” …“A brilliant and moving insight into what it was like for the fighting soldier…. “spellbinding”…


6th October Helmsley Arts Centre, 7.30pm / 13th October Georgian Theatre Royal, Richmond, 7.30pm / 26th October Pocklington Arts Centre, 7.30pm / 10th November Square Chapel Arts Centre, Halifax 7pm / 16th November Junction, Goole 2.30pm / 24th November Otley Courthouse, 7.30pm

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