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15th June 2016

Mark of Street Cleaver

Mark of Street Cleaver

Once in a while, the reputation of a new business spreads like wildfire; good whispers and enthusiasm echo like bad news through social media, leaving us itching to know more. One such murmur of late belongs to food vendor Street Cleaver.

Just seeing their menus and people’s Instagram shots of their food is enough to gauge interest and chatting to their founder and chef Mark Hill, it soon becomes evident where this enthusiasm and diversity of flavours comes from.

People may have tried Mark’s food before: after training in high-end traditional French and English cuisine, he wanted to strip back what he had learned and went to work in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. He then came to York and was the guy who turned the Biltmore’s food around; producing high end street food, though he had become "fatigued working for someone else and saw the scope to go out alone."

So Mark decided to go back to basics, back to the streets where the most amazing food can be found, travelling to other countries like Asia, Canada and Nepal to try all their amazing food. Soon he was hooked on the flavours and scope of what he had tasted.

"All our food is made by hand, from marinades to pickle stocks and sauces," says Mark. "Street Cleaver believe food is a big part of life and brings people together every day; we use local suppliers to help local business. Food is our life and Street Cleaver is our way of showing it."


With seasonal changing menus using local suppliers, Street Cleaver are also making sure to offer a good variety of vegan street food. They are getting involved with Make It York to add something different to the food scene in York and are keen to work with other street food vendors such as Shambles Kitchen to give the people a choice: from Shambles pulled pork to Street Cleaver New York fusion tacos.

Street Cleaver are keen to make York a centre for this kind of food and by all accounts are here to stay; they’re looking for a permanent pitch on Shambles Market… although they have set no dates yet.

To try their food check out any of these events in the coming months: 25 June at Brew York, doing food and drink pairings. 26 June at The Fox on Holgate Road, doing Jamaican fusion street food. 17 July back at Brew York as their main vendor. 22-24 July at The Fox for a long weekend on their outside BBQ.

Street Cleaver
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