Capturing Emotions: Getting Fragile with OWL

12th October 2016

Oli Knight of OWL

Oli Knight of OWL

Lo Fi anti-folk movement Owl have released new album Fragile.

Owl is the pseudonym of Oli Knight, with his music somehow small, intimate: he keeps it as lo-fi as possible by recording it on an iPhone, and the innocence of what he does is compelling.

In an age where everything is disposable, we take pictures constantly but rarely print them out: these songs are snapshots, unguarded and unpolished: “The idea is for it to be as honest as possible, so when I write something because I’m really happy or really depressed I can just record it on the spot and hopefully get the mood across and then just save it as a memory”, says Oli.

This is also evident in some of his collaborations; filmmaker Sam Boullier has commissioned Oli in his latest film: a similar shared, organic ethos at the core of both of their work. He often intends his work to go with visuals and sees that by capturing raw emotions as they occur they are as natural and intimate as they could be. He doesn’t go away and change the idea, he doesn’t ‘perfect’ them or what is seen as perfecting – he just takes his melodies as memories.

Almost a continuation of his previous EP Saudade with Luung’s Joel Whitaker the new album is melancholy, ambient and often containing simple melodies, track 8’s Eternity Chaos is a direct nod to Harmony Korine (sampling from the film Julien Donkey Boy) and really helps set the scene for this own emotions – the feelings of potential subversity and dysfunction told in a beautiful almost light-hearted way.

There is little more that can be said about Oli’s music as the experience is so fundamental to interpretation and any emotion felt. He jams, he sets scenes. Whatever comes next will be interesting.

Link to OWL's Bandcamp
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