Bethan Vincent: Re-educating us on Coffee

29th March 2016

Beth Vincent of Vincent's Coffee

Beth Vincent of Vincent's Coffee

Aptly I met Bethan Vincent in a coffee shop.

York’s coffee scene has grown at large over the last few years, with independent coffee shops such as the Perky Peacock and Spring Espresso named on national lists of places to fuel your caffeine kick. You could say that the UK coffee market has awoken, however a half-an-hour conversation with Bethan, Founder and Director of Vincent’s Coffee, proves that we have a lot more to see on the coffee scene yet.

Dedicated to providing coffee that tantalises the taste buds, Vincent Coffee isn’t just about delivering flavour, but doing it with integrity. Telling me of her six-month study stint in the Netherlands, Bethan explains how the countries culture towards coffee opened her eyes to a deeper understanding what people’s relationship, and consumption of coffee could be like. Referring to Utah’s scene as a place where you “never go anywhere like Starbucks”, she returned to the UK with a fresh take on what she could bring to the market, and consumers.

Learning the ropes by interning at York Coffee Emporium, Bethan learnt the science behind the beans, before starting up Vincent Coffee, and going on to work with YCE to produce her very first blend. A year on, the University of York History graduate admits that the journey into business has been a learning curve, but one that now means she has a truer understanding of the type of business that she wishes Vincent’s Coffee to be. Away from the ‘cut-throat’ world and attitude that is often prevailed, Bethan is clear that this isn’t about personal benefit, but maintains to the motto “leave the world a better place than you found it.”

Selling to both consumers and businesses via Vincent Coffee’s e-commerce site, Vincent’s is proudly ethical and honest, as well as providing excellent coffee. With clear knowledge of her supply chain, Bethan only sources from importers that work with ethical coffee farms that prove they care for their workforce, and environment. Also a Director at ethical accreditation company, Bright Ethics, Bethan has made it clear that her virtues and morals are breathed into the company she’s so proudly built. Not merely about ‘fair-trade’ she’s keen that businesses think consciously about their environmental impact, human resource procedures and are committed to paying their tax, without any sniff of avoidance or evasion.

A far cry from the Starbuck’s that she’s keen to teach us British coffee-lovers the alternative to.

For more information, and to purchase Vincent’s Coffee products visit the website. You can also follow them on Twitter on @vincentscoffee.

Vincent's Coffee
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