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By Vicky Parry | 7th September 2017

What's On York, Bar Farm Antiques, Art Exhibition York

Bar Farm Antiques

Bar Farm Antiques is such an unassuming place on first impression, nestled at the side of the A1079 on the approach to Pocklington, blink and you’ll miss it - what a treat you would be missing.

Run by the wonderfully eccentric Gregg and Belinda Huber I had driven by it time and time again without a second glance, I then noticed Kayti Peschke (more of whom later), founder of the incredible Caboodle magazine posting about it and saw quite what I was missing. Homemade cake and tea in an old wagon, a barn stacked with Vintage Clothes, music videos being filmed there and a clear taste and eccentricity that appealed to my own, therefore their current art exhibition delivered certain - high - expectation. Something which was not disappointed.

Gregg and his wife Belinda ran a craft gallery in New Orleans for eighteen years and then eventually settling in Brenda’s home town of Barmby Moor they were passionate to support local artists. Ten years into their journey they have collated an incredible wealth of talent and now they have finally realised their dream and curated a show ten years in the making. "Art for Art’s Sake" runs throughout September and is a collection of some incredible local artists “We’ve got sculptors, painters, photographers of all sorts of styles from abstract to portrait, urban and landscape and they’re all local, they’re all terrific people and we’re looking forward to getting everything in situ.” Greg told the Hull Daily Mail.

One of the artists on show is Kayti herself. A York photographer whose work is inspired by her love of vivid colours and the happiness it brings. Kayti also self-publishes internationally successful Caboodle Magazine twice a year, which features the work of creatives and makers from all over the world. Kayti lives in Fangfoss and the images on show were shot around her home on the edge of The Wolds, a place she holds dear to her heart.

Kayti is particularly excited about the unique location of the exhibition as discovered Bar Farm after moving out to the Wolds and people kept mentioning it. She fell in love with the place and also with Belinda and Gregg and always takes her friends when they visit. "Lots of their pieces have found their way into my house and I love going for a root around looking for shoot props or even just for a brew and a chat in the lovely cafe made out of an old truck".

What's On York, Bar Farm Antiques, Art Exhibition York, Kayti Pescke

"Winter" by Kayti Peschke shot in the Wolds

What's On York, Bar Farm Antiques, Art Exhibition York, Kayti Pescke

"Spring" by Kayti Peschke shot in the Wolds

Another very interesting Artist is on show is Bishop Wilton-based Mark Ibson. After a lifetime of furniture and interior restoration he began working on canvas five years ago and his exploration of surface texture and colour is incredible, sometimes there is a foreboding to his work but his expression through texture is fascinating.

What's On York, Bar Farm Antiques, Art Exhibition York,

Mark Ibson

What's On York, Bar Farm Antiques, Art Exhibition York,

Mark Ibson

Another brilliant artist on show is Pocklington based Jo Coates, founder of the incredible Lens Think Yorkshire Jo has created many beautiful works, including a commission by BBC Stories, giving Jo the chance to travel around the South West of England to meet the women working in the fishing industry.

Jo has been internationally published by Vice and Pylot magazines, and many others.

Tina Hicks Harbour Master Fishing Industry

Tina Hicks, Harbour Master by Jo Coates

The art is placed around the 5 buildings, in and amongst the antiques which makes it a really special and unique place for an exhibition. "It’s amazing that Bar Farm have opened up the space and want to showcase the work of local artists. There really is a brilliant community vibe and it was lovely to meet all the other artists at the opening night. There is a real mix of style and talents from all ages, so well worth a visit to see some art and hunt for treasure at the same time, you never know what you will discover!" Kayti says. There are a huge array of arts on offer and the exhibition runs until the end of Sept.

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