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We’ve been around a while.

One&Other launched originally in 2011 as a CIC in order to curate stories - creative and innovative - of the people of York. For three years, One&Other CIC served the community as an award-winning source of uniquely-told news and features, with a strong sense of rooting for the underdog.

In 2014, One&Other hung up its hat as a CIC and launched One&Other Creative, an agency specialising in photography, design and media. We also released our first feature film.

Our ethos remains the same: to serve the community we inhabit, while giving a voice to the oft under-heard creatives and businesses in and around York. One&Other Creative does this by finding collaborators in creativity, with the goal of nurturing and nudging new talent into an arena where they can be heard, seen and given the chance to develop.

With a range of projects lined up for the foreseeable future, from initiatives to arts and from aesthetics to movies, One&Other Creative is a media chameleon, changing with the times. We can see any project from conception to completion, whatever the medium: from video and design to publishing, exemplified by our award-winning in-house magazine which represents the centrepiece of our ethos and our work.

Have a look through our most recent back issues below to see some of the magnificent people we have worked with and our ever-evolving aesthetic:

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One&Other Creative work in film and video, photography, bold branding and print. We specialise in the beautiful. We make & curate news. We support the underdog.